FutuHR Puts You in Control

How much of your employee and benefits data is just filling file cabinets -- difficult to update regularly and taking up space? If you’re like most small or midsize businesses, it’s probably the majority of your data. FutuHR changes all of that.

With FutuHR, all of your employee and employee-related operations data lives in the cloud and is accessible on your mobile devices or PC. You can track people, time, projects, benefits, payroll and more -- ending your reliance on paper and spreadsheets. You can approve or deny requests for time off by consulting the FutuHR calendar, giving you a view of any other employees who might be off at that same time. You can review performance ratings, align timesheets with payroll and with customer billing, and more.

But FutuHR becomes more than just your HR solution. It becomes your corporate directory and data storage locker. So, you can look up an employee, initiate a call, send an email, scan and upload pictures of documents and forward to anyone in your organization, integrate information on to your calendar, create org charts, etc.

There is no limit. And, all of this can be done wherever you are -- in or out of the office.