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Authorize and Track Employee Time Off

FutuHR lets you manage time off requests without ever touching a piece of paper, all viewable on a built-in calendar.

Is it getting harder and more time-consuming to track and approve vacation time? Have you found yourself short-staffed because managers gave too many people the same days off? On top of that, have you paid employees for more time off than they were entitled, or had to reconcile unused vacation days? It doesn’t have to be this way.

FutuHR puts all vacation, sick, and personal time into one place. So now you and your managers can see all planned time off on a calendar - the same calendar your employees see. Employees submit time off requests from anywhere. Managers get a message and can check the staffing for that day and approve or reject the request from anywhere, too. And, you get a permanent record of employee PTO for each year, so you and the employee see the same summary. Year-end carryover questions go away and responding to legal challenges related to time can be handled in minutes.

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