Businesses Served

FutuHR is right for every business, and our customer base covers several different fields. So, what do the earliest users of FutuHR have in common? Three things:

(1) They have first-hand experience with trying to manage people and information while also trying to focus their attention on the growth needs of their companies.

(2) They have grown tired of the hassle of maintaining records on spreadsheets and in file cabinets, and more than one of them has had to deal with lawsuits resulting from an employee grievance with no easy paper trail to combat employee claims.

(3) Most of them have remote workforces, a fact which makes the recording and processing of information like timesheets and record-keeping difficult. And, many of them have company leaders whose time out of the office puts added strain on the ability to approve employee requests, authorize payroll and more.

It’s also fair to say that many of our users were new startups who needed the guidance of a tool like FutuHR to ensure that they were operating properly and protecting the company and their employees. With FutuHR, all those fears vanished overnight.

So, no matter what business you’re in, or how new or established your company is, FutuHR should be a part of your now.