FutuHR is the first HR app that you access from your smart phone or tablet, and that puts the power of HR and company information into your hands, wherever UR, whenever you need it.

Unlike other HR solutions that have been built for large companies and then scaled back for smaller and mid-size companies, FutuHR was actually BUILT and priced for the small and midsize market in the U.S. Our team of experts actually spent six years developing FutuHR, ensuring that we knew all of the data you should be capturing. Further, it was designed to be easy… accessible as an app and ready to use. So, there’s nothing for you to do other than to sign up, add your employees and start simplifying your business life with FutuHR.

Want to know even more?

  • FutuHR requires no contract, maintenance or complex configuration.
  • FutuHR is a stand-alone HR app; not a front end to some expensive back end. Of course you can access FutuHR from your browser, but we designed it so that there is no web layer required. You don’t need a network. You don’t even need an office. You never have to go anywhere other than your smart phone. It’s HR in your pocket…24/7. All in.
  • FutuHR is more than just an HR app. It’s your storage unit and company directory. You can look up an employee, initiate a call, send an email, scan and upload pictures of documents and forward to anyone in your organization, integrate information on to your calendar, etc. There is no limit.
  • FutuHR includes a company directory and organization chart and doesn’t require any additional work to create or maintain it.

FutuHR will change the way you manage people in your company and will make you smarter about your employees and what they’re doing.