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    Time Tracking People & Projects
    Replacing traditional time sheets, FutuHR can be used by employees in the office or on the road.
    Benefits Administration
    FutuHR allows you to designate which employees are eligible for benefits, track the plans and costs they select, and pass the deductions to payroll.
    Payroll Integration
    The FutuHR payroll module pulls everything - Salary, Deductions, Additional Comp, Hours, Time Off - into an easy to read payroll summary.
    Employee Data Management
    The Employee module automates the way you maintain, store, update and track employee data throughout the lifecycle of employment.
    Paid Time Off Management
    With FutuHR, you and your managers see all planned time off on a calendar - the same calendar your employees see.
    Company Customization
    The Company module involves everything from adding a pay schedule to choosing who else in your company has access into the system.


    Shep Sepaniak
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Sam Candido
    COO & Co-Founder

    Years of Combined HR Experience
    Years Since Inception

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    Technology company

    . . . The speed and simplicity of having our HR data safe and secure in the palms of our hands will revolutionize how small business engages with its employees and manages human resources.

    Accounting company

    . . . This is revolutionary. I have seen nothing like this before. It is extremely easy to use, with all functionalities considered. Thank you for filling a void in the marketplace.

    Large non-profit

    As a non-profit, we have to weigh value against dollars . . . FutuHR definitely comes out on the value side of the equation, helping to keep track of all our part-time and full-time employees. We couldn't be happier.


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